Join Us As We Unlock Accessories For The Arrival Of The Black Shark 5 And Black Shark 5Pro

Terms Of The Black Shark4 Pro Launch Offers

All for Gamers: Black Shark's CEO Harrison Luo Reaffirms The Brand Value

Build the Ultimate Gaming Setup with These Pro-gaming Accessories

Black Shark 4 is engineered from the ground up to provide the ultimate gaming experience. Our premium pro-gaming accessories enhance audio performance, cooling, control, and more. Mix and match your favorites to customize your setup and take your gaming to the next level.

Break Through the Limits: 5 Reasons You Should Be Gaming on Black Shark 4

At Black Shark, we design gaming phones for those who refuse to settle for anything less than the absolute best gaming experience. We combine powerful specs, ultra-vivid and ultra-responsive displays, and innovative gaming features to craft smartphones for enthusiasts. And with Black Shark 4, we’ve upped the ante to create our fastest, most revolutionary gaming phone, ever.

The Black Shark 3 Pro is coming this month!

We are now excited to say we are counting down the days for the pre order release of our Black Shark 3 Pro on July 7th. As soon as you preorder, the phone will arrive within 15 business days, but stock during this exciting time is limited, so be sure to grab your while you can!

Xiaomi Black Shark 3 - World's Best Gaming Smartphone? PUBG BEAST!


Black Shark 3 gaming review - Snapdragon 865, 90Hz with 270Hz touch sampling rate, big battery and specific game modes all help. The Pro version adds a 1440p resolution display, bigger battery and customised game buttons.

Black Shark 3 Review In-Depth Detailed Review

Black Shark 3 review, an in-depth review covering gaming performance, thermals, battery life 90hz & 60hz, UI, benchmarks like Antutu, audio test and more!

Black Shark 3 Pro Unboxing & Review (In-Depth)

Black Shark 3 Pro review, including battery life 60hz Vs 90hz, camera samples and camera review, audio test, gaming test, performance, and benchmarks.


Black Shark 3 gaming phone unboxing and first look, Black Shark 3 and Black Shark 3 Pro bring the Snapdragon 865, 90Hz display, gaming modes, 64MP camera, 65w fast charging and more.

Black Shark 3 | ROG Phone 2 | Comparison | Specifications

In this video you got all the specification of Xiaomi Black Shark 3 & Asus ROG Phone

Black Shark 3 and 3 Pro debut with 90Hz OLEDs and magnetic charging

Black Shark has just released its new gaming smartphones with tons of cool gaming-centric features. The phones are intended for China first and will later become available to the global market, as per the company's strategies of the past.

Xiaomi Black Shark 3 vs Black Shark 3 Pro: What’s the difference?

For the first time ever, Xiaomi black shark released two new additions to their popular gaming line, all at the same time. Meet the new Xiaomi Black Shark 3 and Black Shark 3 Pro.

This is the first time that xiaomi Black Shark released two new smartphones at the same time, instead of gradually coming up with different devices with confusing names.

Black Shark 3 vs Black Shark 3 Pro – What’s The Difference?

Xiaomi’s Black Shark 3 and Black Shark 3 Pro are now official. They’re both 5G gaming phones. But how do they differ with respect to specs and features? Let’s investigate…

Black Shark 3 VS Black Shark 3 Pro

Black Shark has launched the new 2020 iteration of the gaming-focused smartphone. Black Shark has introduced two new versions, the Black Shark 3 and the Black Shark 3 Pro. Both devices are similar in design but the pro edition gets a few nifty features that will be appreciated by gamers.

Create Your Own Custom Gaming Setup: All Available At Our Open Sale

Hello Rebellion Members! Things are getting heated up as we approach the Black Shark 3 open sale. But we would like to take some time to talk more about how you can customise your all new gaming setup. Sol let’s talk a little about some accessories that you can use with our latest device.

The Brand New Black Shark, Only Accept The Best!

Congratulations to all of our winners and everyone who participated in the The Brand New Black Shark, Only Accept The Best event! Thanks to all of your help, the event was a great success!

Welcome To The 5G Era: Black Shark 3 is on it’s way!

Something is brewing in the waves, something very exciting. The rebellion we soon rejoice with the master launching a campaign, but what is the launch campaign for? We are excited to announce that the launch campaign will be for the greatly anticipated Black Shark 3 on May 8th 2020. To celebrate this occasion, in the campaign you will have the opportunity to earn some coupons.

How to Customize Master Touch

Master touch is set to be an awesome feature for your Black Shark  smartphone.  Master Touch 3.0 will give you two extra sensitive hotkeys by just doing a simple press on the screen, the perfect way of making sure that every touch matters. With double the amount of pressure sensors, Black Shark 3 will recognise your press more accurately than ever, this even includes the edge of the screen. This for sure will give you the edge over your foes at any time you pick up and play.

Shark Space Guideline

Hello Rebellion Members, just thought we would give a quick guide about Shark Space and how to use it, but before that let’s give a brief introduction to its one-touch mode. It clears up other apps in the background so it can dedicate as much memory as possible to gaming apps only, this will make loading times much faster.

Global Release of Black Shark JOYUI 11

Hello all Black Shark fans! We have some exciting news about some updates to JOYUI. Black Shark 2 and Black Shark 2 Pro models will both receive an update pack that will include JOYUI11. Update notifications are expected between the dates of 27th April to 6th May 2020. Also the Black Shark 3 and Black Shark 3 Pro will feature the brand new JOYUI, great news for anyone who is planning to get our latest smartphone models to experience all of the benefits that JOYUI has to give these smartphones. 

Take a look at Black Shark’s Legendary Booster Set to get a jump start in mobile gaming

Combine the gamepads with the 2Pro Gaming case onto the Black Shark Pro 2 to create a similar gaming experience found on a Nintendo Switch. Never block your sight using the touch screen again in the middle of the action. Instead, see everything AND have better controls to win everytime. 

Unlock Black Shark 2 Pro’s true gaming potential with these legendary accessories

Experience the best in gaming with these Black Shark 1 accessories

Start dominating with these Black Shark 2 accessory combos

Black Shark 2 Pro: the Gaming Phone Legend is Here.

Big news: the upgraded and power-boosted Black Shark 2 Pro is available right now at You might be wondering: “what makes Black Shark Pro 2 the Gaming Phone Legend?” Good question. It starts with the best specs and groundbreaking gaming tech, fine-tuned for maximum performance:

Black Shark Winter Windfall: up to £100 off

Let’s start off 2019 right. It’s the New Year, and you deserve some new gaming gear. Win more this winter with exclusive deals on the Black Shark gaming phone and gaming accessories.

All-new Black Shark Gamepad 2.0 + Black Shark Xmas

Black Shark isn’t just a smartphone brand - it’s a community of gamers. So when you have amazing ideas, we listen. Many of you have asked for a more intricate gamepad that caters to hardcore gamers. That’s a great idea, so we went back to the lab and made the Black Shark Gamepad 2.0. What’s new? Well, a lot:

5 reasons to get your Black Shark from the Official Store

Our site (EU/UK/Global/FR), along with other official retailers, are authorized to sell legitimate Black Shark smartphones and accessories. Here’s why you should be sure to buy from authorized sellers:

Black Shark Friday - out of stock, but still available for the Holidays.

Black Shark Friday was a massive success! So much so that you guys bought, well, all of them - we’re out of stock! A huge thank you (and congratulations) to everyone who joined the Rebellion and got their very own Black Shark gaming phone this holiday season.

Black Shark Friday is here. Get £100 off.

It’s our very first Black Friday here at Black Shark, so we’ve decided to go big. Really big. Right now, you can purchase your very own Black Shark for £50 off thanks to our Black Shark Friday Bonus. Head to our store to get your Black Shark now:

£100 off for Black Shark Friday + Rebellion Supply Drop

We decided to go big for the first ever Black Shark Friday, starting November 23rd. How big? How about “€100/£100 off the world’s most powerful gaming phone” big?

Black Shark is Here + Special Launch Package

It’s h a p p e n i n g. Black Shark, the world’s most powerful gaming phone, is available right now. Learn more about our innovative gaming phone and buy today, right here at

Lootbox Challenge: Code of Conduct

We're committed to making our Lootbox Challenge fair and fun for everyone. As you may have noticed, today, we've deducted some XP from those accounts not complying with the terms of the contest.

Black Shark launch - November 16. Join our Lootbox Challenge to win one today!

Join our Lootbox Challenge to win one today! We’re excited to announce that Black Shark, the world’s most powerful gaming phone, is officially coming to Europe on November 16th.