£100 off for Black Shark Friday + Rebellion Supply Drop

Hey there,

You might notice that the Black Shark gaming phone is out of stock at the moment, thanks to the warm reception from gamers across the world. But, don’t worry. We’re restocking for Black Friday, and we’re bringing the deals. We decided to go big for the first ever Black Shark Friday, starting November 23rd. How big? How about “€100/£100 off the world’s most powerful gaming phone” big?

First of all, we’re introducing an exciting new reviewer’s program called Rebellion Supply Drop. Combined with our Black Shark Friday bonus (which will be announced soon), you can save a grand total of €100/£100. But, be quick. Like our initial launch units, Black Shark Friday units are limited.

For early adopters: don’t worry. We’d never forget about you. If you already bought Black Shark via our official European store, you can still participate in the Rebellion Supply Drop and get your cash back.

Last but not least, users can get a bumper case by adding €4.99/£4.99 more to their orders.

While Black Friday sales begin on November 23, 00:00 AM CET, you can sign up for a Black Shark account now to get ready for the big day. Definitely do that now, or you might miss out:


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Welcome to the Rebellion.